Madagascar – Escape 2 Africa, Hellboy 2 and Babylon A.D – Posted


This week we have another varied selection of posters for you, from some of the later Hellboy 2 posters to the Madagascar 2, first one sheet poster.

Madagascar was another animated hit movie, and of course every successful movie requires that it gets a sequel. Its full title is Madagascar – Escape 2 Africa, and its kind of clever what they did with the 2 there. With Dreamworks intending to make Madagascar a series you should be expecting more to come if this one makes the required funds, and with a talented team of voice actors and some stylish animation i have no reason to see why it wont.

Hellboy 2 – The Golden Army has just opened State side and has received more than its fair share of good reviews. With the original cast mostly back and with director Del Toro riding a current high it was hard to see how this was not going to be the case. We’ve already written a fair bit about Hellboy 2 already, and I’ve been excited about this one for a while. The first movie was stylish and charming with great visuals and a tone which just worked so well, and The Golden Army looks to be following suit. The poster seen here is an illustration by artist Drew Struzan, rather than a typical full on Photoshop experience so enjoy it’s rarity!

Babylon A.D was delayed by almost half a year, due to be released in February of this year it got knocked right back to a end of August release date. With a talented director on board in Mathieu Kassovitz and now some pretty stylish posters, is Babylon A.D going to live up all the coverage its received in the last year? Well i hope to find out soon, it definitely has some talent on board, Hanz Zimmer is doing the music on this one, and has talked about how they have tried to mix hip hop styles with classical music, it sounds interesting on paper and i’m sure it will sound interesting through the movie. Babylon A.D was the movie that Vin Diesel dropped Hitman for, and so far that seems like a wise choice. Babylon A.D seems a whole lot classier, with its story coming from a short story rather than a wafer thin videogame plot line. Enjoy the new poster.

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