Lost Boys – the Tribe Review


Lost Boys – The Tribe follows the formula almost exactly of its 1987 prequel and that’s not a bad idea because the original Lost Boys was a cult classic hit with great characters and some great visuals and soundtrack. Lost Boys 2 or Lost Boys – The Tribe follows the story of Chris, Tad Hilgenbrink and Nicole Emerson played by Autumn Reeser the Children of recently deceased Michael and Star from the original film. They ship out of their hometown and move to Luna Bay with their auntie after Chris’s professional surfing career took a big dive. The local area is loaded with vampires and when Chris meets a surfing idol of his Shane Powers, played by Angus Sutherland, who is actually the half brother of Keifer. Power recognizing Chris as a surfer too invites him and Nicole to a surf party which is where the fun begins.

Lost Boys – The Tribe is a straight to DVD affair, but its not as bad as it could be, the production values while low, don’t look as bad as many straight to DVD affairs i’ve seen. The special effects are okay, and while everything is dark I guess it is a vampire movie after all. The cast is reasonable, with Autumn Reeser being as likeable as she was in the O.C, Angus Sutherland is good as the head vampire. Surprisingly its Corey Feldman back as Edgar Frog who just doesn’t seem quite at home in this cast, but that’s a good thing because he still has the same energy and passionatte about his work as he was in the original.

Like I mentioned before the story in Lost Boys – the Tribe is pretty much a carbon copy of the original and that’s not a bad idea when the original was so successful. However the original Lost Boys had way more style, the sets, the shooting style, the colors and the cast were all far more interesting. And in comparison Lost Boys – the Tribe is really lacking that zing that the original had.

A missed opportunity all round but possibly something that can be built on for the rumored 3rd movie. Lost Boys fans will no doubt watch this movie anyway, but anyone who hasn’t seen the original should definitely check that out instead.