Lost Boys – The Tribe – Now Lost Boys 3


While the Lost Boys – The Tribe was released on DVD recently in the states and has been getting average reviews with a whole lot of nostalgia attached, and weight on its shoulders to stand up to the original. Well The first movie was an 80’s cult classic on one of my favorite movie topics, Vampires. With the Tribe focusing on Corey Haim’s character from the first movie Edgar Frog there is already news of a third movie on the way.

While I haven’t seen the second movie yet, i’m keen to check it out and hopefully will get chance later this week. I guess until then I won’t know if I think there should be a 3rd movie. If you want to read up on it some more you can check out this article on Movieweb, which covers some of the details about the possibility of an upcoming third movie for Lost Boys.