Live Action Ghost in the Shell Film


Dreamworks have snagged the live action rights to the anime film classic Ghost in the Shell. The Ghost in the shell universe has been an influence on a variety of films and science fiction over the years, perhaps most notably in the Matrix. And while the Ghost in the Shell animation still continues to this day with the recently titled Solid State Society movie, a live action movie would have much more crossover appeal. Still if they manage to not make it too Hollywood and go for a suitable visual style Ghost in the Shell could work as a live action movie. And while it is one of my favourite anime’s, even with Steven Spielberg on-board i’m a little nervous that this could be an average and somewhat typical Hollywood adaptation.

Anime to live action is definitely a current fad, with a wealth of projects in the pipeline. only a while ago we heard about the Akira live action adaptation, and you also have the due to be released Speed Racer, with Dragonball Z live action on the way too.