limitless Movie Review


Limitless is one of those movies that really got under promoted, wrongly promoted or I just damn well missed all the hype when it was released, and yes, surprisingly it is actually pretty damn good.  Limitless stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie a down on his luck writer, living in a dump that he can’t afford rent on and is just about to get ditched by his girlfriend Lindy, played by Abbie Cornish.  When shortly after Eddie meets his old brother in law Vernon played by Johnny Whitworth, who used to be a low end drug dealer, and is now still dealing drugs but of the different kind a totally different kind.  Vernon takes pity on seeing Eddie not realising his potential and gives him a free sample of a new drug he’s selling called NZT-48 which has the ability to allow humans to access 100% of their brain power rather than the 20% limitless tells us we normally use.

When Eddie gets the rush from the NZT he becomes super Eddie and can pretty much smooth talk, out-talk and out think near enough anyone.  The book that Eddie hasn’t been able to write in months, he finds himself writing in a day on NZT, and his dump of an apartment gets a good tidy too.

Limitless is a good movie.  Robert De Niro appears later in the movie as Carl Van Loon a powerful business that looks to employ super Eddie, and he’s great in it.  In fact all of the cast are great, Cooper in particular plays both sides of Eddie really well, and he comes across as smart enough to make the super Eddie believable.

Id probably classify Limitless as a science fiction thriller that is wholly suitable for non science fiction fans, it doesn’t really leave any gaps for you to fill in but it does have a suitably impressive visual style that helps break down the normal and NZT influenced scenes.

If you like thrillers, science fiction thrillers or movies that really grab your attention and keep you watching then Limitless is all of the above, and the 105 runtime is quickly over.