Kenneth Branagh could bring us Thor


With many of Marvels superhero’s already getting their own movie adaptations, from The Hulk to Iron Man, another one currently lined up for talks is the Norse superhero Thor. The Times Online posted an interesting story about Kenneth Branagh being lined up to take the helm on the latest comic to movie adaptation plan.

A Thor movie is in no way guaranteed and more likely to surface first will be the Captain America movie. All this is building up to a potential Avengers movie in the near future, which has been the subject of much discussion regarding which superheroes that will make it into the mix, currently its already known that the Hulk and Iron Man are due to be included with them already having some character crossover in their respective movies, with Thor and Captain America to make up the other main characters.

Most people will know Branagh for his Shakespeare adaptations, but he’s actually been involved in a lot of movies, directing a total of 13 to date and hes’s not the obvious choice for a superhero movie, however neither was Jon Favreau, so it’s going to be interesting to see how this one turns out.