Jonah Hex Movie News and Trailer Starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox


Jonah Hex is an upcoming DC Comic adaptation with an all star cast set to hit movie screen this summer. The title character of the movie and comic, Jonah Hex is played by Josh Brolin and he’s a bounty hunter with a wicked facial scar and a knack for tracking people down. It true comic book tradition Jonah isn’t your ordinary man, instead he walks the planes between the natural world and the ‘other side.’

Megan Fox plays Jonahs human connection as Leila who has something in common with the drifter having a few scars of her own. John Malkovich makes an appearance as the bad guy, terrorist Quentin Turnbull who is rounding up an army to unleash Hell, just a normal day in the office then i guess.

Jonah Hex was actually due to hit the small screen back in 2000 but the project never actually got into production and in 2007 Warner Bros. picked up the feature film rights and now we are due for some ugly revenge on June the 18th, when Jonah Hex gets released.

You can take a look at the trailer for Jonah Hex below.