Johnny English – Rewind


Johnny English is a parody on the James Bond films starring Rowan Ackinson as English, Ben Miller as his sidekick Bough, Natatlie Umbrulia as mystery girl Lorna and John Malkovich as Pascal Sauvage, a French entrepenuer who specializes in making state of the art prison facilities. We follow English and Boff as they somehow end up as the number one agents on a case to track a their who has their eyes set on the Queens Crown Jewels.

With a script written by two actual Bond movie writers and directed by Peter Howitt, Johnny English looks pretty good and the script is not to bad either. The acting isnt too shabby Ackinson and Miller make a good team as English and Bough, and Umbrulia’s amazing looks help overcome her occasionally wooden delivery. Malkovich is Ackinsons main competition in this movie though with the slighty camp Sauvage, which raises the movie a bar every time hes around.

Johnny English does have some funny moments! Natalie Umbrulia adds some good looks to the movie, Malkovich, Miller and Atkinsonn keep it lively and funny throughout, and while never truly loud out loud funny its always humerous. Part spoof, part homage, part comedy, Johnny English is pretty average over all, I enjoyed it but I like all the main cast. If you’re a fan of the cast, or a big James Bond fan then Johnny English is worth a watch, as perfect sunday afternoon viewing.