J.J Abrams Star Trek – Teaser trailer


The First teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek movie is now out, to get all the excited fans hyped about this one. Lots of online news has been floating around regarding the new Star Trek for months now, with speculations on everything including the casting, and the cameos in this new movie. Here are some interesting facts about the new Star Trek

  • This is the 11th movie set in the Star Trek universe.
  • Eric Bana is due to play the movie bad guy, Nero.
  • The budget for Star Trek is an estimated £150,000,000.
  • The Film is due to be released on Christmas Day, Dec the 25th, 2008.
  • William Shatner was keen to make some kind of cameo in the movie but was reportedly refused.
  • Shooting of the movie begin in Nov 2007.
  • Winona Ryder is due to play Spock’s mother in the movie

Take a look at the new high definition teaser trailer over at the official Paramount site.