Iron Man Cast and the official website

The Upcoming Iron Man movie Directed by Jon Favrou now has its own website, details were reported over on Rotten Tomatoes, with whispers that the very lovely Rachel McAdams may be playing the part of Iron Mans love interest in the film. So you can judge for yourself if its a match made in heaven. Iron mans facial expression says it all really, you can see if hes happy or not when Rachel McAdams is in the movie and when she isn’t.

With Rachel McAdams in the movie


Rachel McAdams not in the movie


Althought the Website is up its really just a front page at the moment, the link to check it out is below. Release date on the website specifies 2008, and yes i know its not even 2007 yet! Anyway if your a big fan of Iron Man, here is something to look at, its a link to Adi Granov’s site an amazing artist who does a lot of Iron Man work among other things.

Iron Man Movie Homepage
Link to Adi Granov’s Art site