Inside Job – Movie Review


Inside Job is a documentary by Charles Ferguson that goes into great detail regarding the global financial meltdown of 2008 which was the result of various changes in the financial sector that ultimately had worldwide impact.  For anyone that is currently feeling the pinch or living in the recession this movie is a must watch documentary that shows how a few people got rich at the expense of everyone else.

With a mix of interviews throughout the movie from politicians, financial insiders and journalists among others, the style is less Michael Moore and more here are some of the people who profited, people who predicted this would happen and people who think this needs to change and more importantly people who don’t.

With Matt Damon providing the sober commentary and tons of info graphics and explanations, Inside Job manages to keep it relatively simple while explaining the fundamentals of what went wrong.  More worrying is the fact that nothing seems to have changed and the ties between politics and the financial sector are still in place, with industry insiders receiving the highest positions of power when it comes to the choices that effect their own industry allowing manipulation and corruption of a very scary nature.

If you only watch one documentary this year, even though its only February then watch Inside Job, it is a taut interesting and more importantly eye opening view on how things really work at the top when it comes to making money from nothing.