Inception and Kick Ass – Posted


Posted our movie poster preview feature is back with two up and coming movies to keep on your radar.  This week we have a superhero movie that goes against everything in the rule book and a thriller that looks like it could be something really special.

First up is Inception the thriller from Batman director Christopher Nolan who has a penchant for dark brooding movies, and starring Leonardo DiCaprio who since making his mark in Romeo and Juliet has gone on to have a really diverse movie career and has made some seriously good choices in the films he stars in.  This time in Inception Dicaprio plays a CEO called Cobb and the movie focuses around a science fiction theme of the architecture of the mind.  We have already covered the trailer for Inception here at Movies Illustrated and if you haven’t checked it out, i thoroughly suggest it, with a great supporting cast and a really interesting and of course brooding poster design Inception is right up there for Summer 2010 movies that are top of my, must watch list.

Next we have the comedy superhero movie Kick-Ass, that puts real people in the role of superheros, with average joe’s donning spandex and taking on the bad guys with varying results.  Keep your eyes out for the hilarious scene with Nic Cage where he teaches his daughter the power of mental strength in a very non PC training regime.  In the poster here we saw Cage’s character Big Daddy in the obvious parody of the Batman suit, and while i like the poster, it really doesn’t give enough about the tone of the movie for me, if you saw this and you haven’t seen any of the trailers or clips doing the rounds then you could be forgiven for not being one hundred percent on where this movie is going.  Kick-Ass is due out on the 16th of April 2010.