Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds Set to Star


The Green Lantern, the DC Comics superhero has it’s leading man, Ryan Reynolds is due to be the Green Lantern in the Warner Bros upcoming movie based around the popular and long running superhero.

Green Lantern?  What happened to Deadpool?  How can one actor play two Superhero’s?  Exactly what I was thinking and as funny is Ryan Reynolds is could this be overkill for the actor who seems determined to get a superhero movie starring himself up on the big screen.  You can’t really blame Reynolds, if he auditioned and got the role for the Green Lantern kudos to him, but it was only in the last month that confirmation of a full on Deadpool movie was in the pipeline.  However it seemed as though Deadpool was very dead at the end of X-Men Origins – Wolverine, and Reynolds has always seemed to want that Comic lead, the Blade spin off was talked about but eventually failed, Deadpool hangs in the balance after being sliced and diced by Wolverine, now the Green Lantern seems like the sure thing for Reynolds.

The Green Lantern is going to be directed by Martin Campbell who always comes up with a great blend of action and drama, and was the director behind the latest two Bond Reboot pictures, Goldeneye and Casino Royale.  In all honesty those are the best two Bond Films from the last Decade, and the only ones that got the tone right, so is appears the film is in safe hands.

Variety first reported on the Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern story, which you can read over here.  Production on the film looks all set to start next January.