Goonies reunited in video


Anyone who was born in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s will more than likely remember a film called the Goonies, well Empire just posted up a video about with the original Goonies cast talking about the possibility of a sequel to the cult classic 1985 original movie.  You can take a look at the pretty cool video over here at and see if you can recognize all the cast, some still look amazingly like they did in the movie, Stephen Spielberg and Richard Donner are also present and the tone is pretty light all around.

From all accounts it seems like the sequel isn’t getting the go ahead, it was previously reported around back in 2008 that a sequel may be on the way due to new dvd sales. I’d personally love to see a sequel to the Goonies but I’m not sure exactly who it would be aimed at, a new younger audience which would make it a kids film like the origional, or would it cater for fans of the original and be a little bit more grown up just like its origional fans.  Anyway with no foreseeable sequel on the horizon at least the memory of the original movie won’t be tainted.