G.I Joe – Movie Trailer


G.I. Joe a movie based on the series of toys is out soon and the trailer is loaded with action and explosions.  G.I. Joe looks to be competing with the other well known toy to movie franchise Transformers on the computer graphics front and from the trailer G.I. Joe seems to be keeping up.

With the trailer now out the speculation about what kind of movie this was going to be can end now (not that it was ever really in doubt,) and we can see its an action blockbuster of the summer kind. G.I. Joe : The Rise of the Cobra to give it it’s full title stars Sienna Miller, Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Rachel Nichols, Marlon Wayans, Brendan Fraser and Christopher Eccleston, so it’s not short of talented actors.  Directed and produced by Stephen Sommers who was in charge of the first two Mummy movies, which bodes well for G.I. Joe, as while Sommers is an all out blockbuster director he usually manages to blend an interesting mix of characters that cross the board and could be this films saving grace.



G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra is out on August 7th worldwide so this is a perfect time to check out the trailer for the movie that could and probably should be called CGI Joe.  Regardless those suits look pretty cool, i want one.