Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Wanted and Synecdoche, New York – Posted


This week in Posted we are once again bringing you a mix of posters, from Judd Apatow produced comedies, summer action blockbusters in the form of the Timur Bekmambetov directed Wanted to Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut, Synecdoche, New York.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is another comedy from the Apatow stable with Jason Segel writing the script and also taking the lead role in the film. Among an interesting cast is Mila Kunis, and Brit Comedian Russell Brand, who’s currently having an Eddie Izzard style dabble in Hollywood. With good reviews all round, Forgetting Sarah Marshall looks to be a well rounded and slick comedy about your average guy, the one who doesn’t always get it right, in fact he mostly gets its wrong. The poster itself has all the elements you really need for a movie like this, it’s not to deep, its not too goofy and contains all the main characters. Forgetting Sarah Marshall has the fast becoming trademark look that was used in the 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad and Knocked Up promotional material, not that it’s a bad thing, they don’t have the squeaky clean polished to perfection look that a lot of posters do. But just don’t think for a minute they aren’t painstaikingly polished to look how they do.

Wanted is going to be a visual treat for the eyes, not just because it stars Angelina Jolie, but also because it’s being directed by Timur Bekmambetov, the man that brought us Day Watch and Night Watch. In Wanted, his first English language film, Bekmambetov has got a cast that should steamroller through this action movie adapted from a graphic novel. The story is essentially a super powered fish out of water film, where the fish eventually learns to walk. Stylish and almost monochromatic the poster highlights what is likely to be a large portion of this film, style style style.

Synecdoche, New York is Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut, and is hard to pigeonhole, but the image in the poster relates to the films main character Caden. Caden is a theatre director who builds a model of New York for his play, however during the play things start to go wrong, with automatic parts of the stage. Kaufman previously wrote the screenplays for Being John Malcovich and Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, so that might give you a clearer idea on what to expect here. With a strong cast including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Samantha Morton and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Synecdoche, New York could be the thinking person’s movie of the year.

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