Forgetting Sarah Marshall Review


In Forgetting Sarah Marshall we follow the story of Peter Bretter, a composer played by Jason Segel, he just get news from his girlfriend Sarah Marshall played by Kristen Bell that she is splitting up with him after 5 years of what he thought was coupled bliss. Not only this but Marshall is a big TV star and Peter Bretter is the music writer for the same show that Marshall stars in. The split goes down badly with Bretter who goes a little crazy, does some random sleeping around and eventually ends up in Hawaii taking a holiday when to get away from things, when by accident he bumps into his ex Sarah Marshall who is holidaying with her new rock star boyfriend Aldous Snow played by Russell Brand. What follows is a whole load of awkward and funny situations, involving Bretter, Marshall, Snow and the hotel receptionist Rachel played by Mila Kunis.

Jason Segel who wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall has done a great job here, the story is funny in lots of places without turning too goofy and it walks a good line of humour that has thankfully become popular with the recent spate of Apatow stabled movies. And you may recognize that Segel has written previous scripts for Apatow produced movies and starred in more than a few. This is already a good omen before you even watch the movie and with plenty of other regulars you have a really likeable cast.

Segel is great in the lead, not sure I needed to see him naked as much as he is in the movie, and yes it’s full frontal most of the time. Mila Kunis as the Hawaii hotel receptionist who takes a liking to Segel is charming and convincing, Kristen Bell as Marshall is great and Russell Brand plays the competition to Segel really well. All the supporting cast do their thing, with more than a few interesting side characters who break things up nicely including some faces you will definitely recognize.

If you haven’t noticed already I really liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as much if not more than Knocked up, definitely more than the 40 year old virgin and way more than Superbad and Juno. Maybe because I could relate to some of the characters in this movie more but either way its one of the better comedies I’ve seen this year, if not the best.