Finishing the Game, 100 Bruce lee’s


Bruce Lee is massively popular, and fits into that small category of people who seem to live on forever regardless of that fact that they are no longer with us in body. It was on the set of a movie called Enter the Dragon that Bruce lee died, this was a major Hollywood movie being made in 1973 by Warner Brothers. Just before he receiving this offer, Bruce Lee was filming his own movie, entitled the Game of Death. Lee had shot some footage for his movie including the famous fight scene where Lee wears the yellow jumpsuit that has become one of the iconic images of him. Lee accepted the offer from Warner Bros to star in Enter the Dragon as we know, and this left his own project Game of Death incomplete. This wasn’t to be the end of the footage though, with Lee one of the hottest properties in Hollywood it was used by the studio to make a movie built around this fight scene he had shot, along with all the other footage they could find from the incomplete Game of Death. Next they drafted in an actor to play Lee in the rest of the movie scenes, and this is where Justin Lin’s new film is born from.

Finishing the Game is Justin Lin’s film and it had a highly original premise for a comedy film about the casting of an actor to play Bruce Lee. With a load of jump suited look-alikes and not quite a likes floating around this is definitely going to be interesting to watch it pan out. Finishing the Game is being made on a minimal budget in film terms, but great ideas can help offset financial power as wave seen many times before. Lin’s last movie was the exact opposite kind of movie, The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift was a giant summer movie at the other end of the budget scale. If you delve further back Lin’s other well known movie is Better Luck Tomorrow, which goes back to the smaller scale Lin is working on with Finishing the Game.

The movie is due out in date and should if it reaches a wide enough market, remind people of Bruce Lee, possibly introduce a whole new generation to him and also to yellow one piece jumpsuits, can you picture a fashion comeback? I hope not.