Faster and More Furious as Two Sequels are Confirmed


Vin Diesel has confirmed by his Facebook page that he has received a two story script for the next two Fast and Furious franchise movies. It seems that Diesel is back on board for the franchise that made him a household name, as he describes in his post below.

“I have never been submitted a two story saga from a studio before…it is very exciting and shows a commitment level that is hard not to respond to. Excited about the sexy locations the filming of this saga would take us…this novel-like story, that has twists and unexpected turns that is authentic, truthful and challenging to the characters”

So it sounds like while the studio is cashing in on the popularity of the series, it’s making sure it keeps its main star happy by giving him a little more to potentially get his teeth into. First Showing posted the story, and while no director has been linked to the project yet, i doubt Justin Lin will return again. He brought a great visual style to Tokyo Drift and there was some nice if albeit a few highly unrealistic sequences in the last movie, i do hope they bring in someone new seeing as Lin is going to be working on the new Highlander movie in 2010.

So i’m sure petrol heads will be excited to see Fast and Furious return, and hopefully it will be more like the first movie than the fourth. It will be most interesting to see however which of the previous cast member will return alongside Vin Diesel.