Earthling – Science Fiction Movie Trailer


Earthling is an upcoming low budget science fiction thriller from a cinematographer Clay Liford who also dabbles in directing, with this being his fourth movie in the directors chair. The synopsis tells us that after a mysterious event in the atmosphere awakens certain people to the fact their life may not be quite what they thought it was, and they are actually alien beings with a big decision to make, whether to stay on Earth or try to find their way back home.

We have the trailer for Earthling right here for you and it looks quite intriguing and coming from a cinematographer it looks very nice on the visual front too. It doesn’t sound like a wholly original idea for a movie i will grant you that, but it doesn’t seem to be following the traditional path of alien domination from within the human ranks like we have seen in various other movies and also in the recent TV show V.

It’s time to decide for yourself whether Earthling looks like its going to be the business, you can watch the trailer below.