Duncan Jones directs Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan in Source Code


News has broke that Moon director, Duncan Jones has now got his leading cast for upcoming science fiction thriller Source Code. After the critical success of Moon it appears that the fast rising director has pulled together a great cast for Source Code which is due to start filming early this year, and is pushing his other project Mute out of the way until Source Code is finished.

Normally i would be annoyed that the sequel to Moon, Mute is being delayed but when the project sounds as good as Source Code you can have a little forgiveness. Source Code follows the story of a soldier played by Gyllenhall who is involved in a Government experiment where he is transported into a body of a commuter who is onboard a train that has a bomb on it. The idea is that from this viewpoint he can work out who is responsible for the bombing. Empire confirmed that Monaghan is onboard Source Code and she is due to play the romantic interest for Gyllenhaal’s commuter.

More news and hopefully some pictures from Source Code soon.