Drew Barrymore hints at Charlie’s Angels third movie


Often described as guilty pleasure, the first two Charlie’s Angels films were leave your brain at home comedy action movies with some feisty heroines wielding some bad kung fu. I liked them though, or at least was happily entertained while watching them. The three lead girls all have something about them, and with some well cast supporting characters the two existing Charlie’s Angels movies managed to successfully blend together a whole load of elements into wholly enjoyable throwaway films.

Drew Barrymore has been talking to E Online about her desire to bring the crew back together for a third angel powered movie, here’s hoping they manage to pull it off. The story was originally broke by E Online and I read the news over here at Coming Soon. The question remains though what would they call it and who is going to play Bosley?

Article by - Alan Dalton

Posted on - January 30th, 2009

Source - Coming Soon, E Online

Categories: Main Movie News
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One Response to “Drew Barrymore hints at Charlie’s Angels third movie”

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