Diary of the Dead – Review


There is a lot of cult love for any zombie movie directed by the one and only George A Romero, and Dairy of the Dead is his latest movie, which of course features zombie’s o plenty. This time around though we have a contemporary spin on things, the entire view of the movie comes from the video cameras lenses of a group of students, who are shooting a low budge movie at the time things start to go wrong. They are the main characters in the movie, and decide to document the things they see as they try to get home to see their families.

This adds something fresh to the movie and actually makes it fell more real. As usual Romero has some political overtones in the movie, lots of gore and violence and a large main cast. We have plenty of dialogue and some interesting characters and set pieces that appear along the way. Don’t come into Diary of the Dead expecting to be seriously scared though, its not particularly a shocker and while the tension does build, its hard to get it high due to the rather oblivious attitude of the main students to some of the things going on around them. They seem to handle the gore and violence pretty well, and at one point they even talk about how you soon become accustomed to you current environment, which I guess is what would happen or you would go crazy.

Diary of the Dead is not George Romero’s best zombie movie, but I still enjoyed it, the fresh camera style doesn’t always work but it mostly a positive thing and adds a new element over his previous effort. The cast are mostly young and unknown’s, and they do a solid job throughout the movie, and the fact that I didn’t recognize any of them only helped to make the documentary style more successful. Hard to recommend to the masses, Dairy of the Dead will appeal, just not to everyone.