Dead Snow – Nazi Zombies attack! Movie Trailer


Zombies, snow, chainsaws and wooden cabins they all go hand in hand right?  Dead Snow is a Norwegian zombie horror comedy all set to be released next week, it follows a group of Norwegian medical students who instead of going to the beach for their holidays head up to an old cabin in the mountains.  Big mistake! The land is riddled with mystery and intrigue when they discover that the land the cabin is build on was a battle ground from world war two, where the Nazi’s invaded and stole the residents gold and then due to the icy conditions froze to death.  Now awaken from their frosty slumber the Nazi zombies are after their gold, cue dramatic opera music, makeshift weapons and some catchy one liners and you have a nice looking zombie horror comedy.


You can check out the trailer for Dead Snow at a couple of places, first up is the official website for Dead Snow here, and if you prefer you can also check it out over at Yahoo movie trailers here.

Those pesky medical students they definitely should have gone to the beach!