Daybreakers producers to remake An American Werewolf in London


News on Daybreakers has only just reached a peak with the new trailer being released and rumours are already flying on the next film project of the producers from Daybreakers, Sean and Bryan Furst.

Variety broke the story first, and if it goes ahead it will be the first time the classic movie has been remade since it first reared its hairy head back in 1981.  If you haven’t seen the origonal your missing a treat, and if you are a fan of wereworld movies but don’t want to go so far back in time, you could always check out the 1997 movie An American Werewolf in Paris which essentially takes the same concept but bases it in Paris with a different cast of course, and its not quite as serious in tone as the origional.

Werewolves have always lost to the Vampires in the world of the supernatural movies, with Vampires just being more popular but If Sean and Bryan Furst can make the remake of An American Werewolf in London look as stylish as Daybreakers then they will already have one of the boxes ticked on modern day blockbusters, and may help the Werewolves give the Vampires a run for their money.