David Goyer brings us supernatural horror thriller, The Unborn


David S Goyer has a new supernatural thriller on the way, entitled The Unborn, and is keying up for a January 2009 release. Goyer is writer and director on this movie and his name will be well known to some movie fans, as he’s been involved with many well known science fiction and comic book movies from writer credits on movies like Batman Begins, Jumper, The Crow and the Dark Knight to directing credits on Blade Trinity and the upcoming X-men Origins movies – Magneto.

The Unborn stars Odette Yustman who you might remember from Cloverfield as a teenager who is haunted by a dead soul blocked from entry to heaven. Also onboard is Gary Oldman lending some weight to the picture and support from Meagan Good and Idris Elba.

You can read some more details over at Bloodydisgusting where they also have an interesting interview with Goyer himself, you can take a look at it here.