Danny Boyle license to direct – Bond Rumors


Combine two of my favorite things in the film world, Danny Boyle movies and James Bond movies and what do you get? I can simply tell you that you could probably get my favorite Bond movie of all time. Well this is the current rumor doing the rounds with the original story here attached to a rather witty headline, courtesy of the Sun newspaper.

The connection seems to have been sparked by the fact that Boyle shot The Beach with Callum McDougal on board who has since moved onto the Bond Franchise. And with further rumors stating that Barbara Broccoli has offered the 23rd Bond movie to Boyle should he choose to accept it.

Personally I would love to see this happen, Danny Boyle has some serious directing chops and his action scene direction has consistently moved in the right direction. But if the rumor isn’t true can we please stop taking chances with the franchise and get Martin Cambell back who was responsible for both of the last two Bonds re-imagining, with Pierce Brosnon in Golden eye and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.