Cyborg Soldier review


As a fan of movies and just as big a fan of mixed martial arts, when I heard that former UFC middleweight champ Rich Franklin was stepping into movies, and I was suitably intrigued. Well Cyborg Soldier is the title of Franklin’s first step in the world of movies and it’s a low budget affair. Cyborg Soldier also has two other actor names you might recognize, Tiffany Amber Thiessen, and Bruce Greenwood who plays Simon Hart a renowned robotic engineer. Franklin takes the title role playing a man convicted of murdering his wife and daughter and was then named as dead by the government and involved in an experiment to create a superhuman ‘Cyborg Soldier’ his new name is I.S.A.A.C which suitably stands for Intuitive Synthetic Autonomous Assault Commando.

Cyborg Soldier was a straight to DVD affair and its low budget shows through quite a lot during the movie, especially in the first opening scenes, which why they portray the story well enough, are just lacking the visual impact that you expect from movies nowadays. Apart from that though the story is fairly typical to the genre, and follows a fairly easy to spot story arc. Franklin is suitably robotic and one scene in a diner in particular, had me in stitches, thankfully I think it was meant to be funny. Thiessen does what is expected of her and is suitably emotive in contrast to Franklin’s cyborg, and she still looks pretty. Bruce Greenwood who’s been in a massive amount of movies including plenty of big Hollywood Blockbusters ads some weight to the movie with his role as the cyborg creator.

Overall Cyborg Solder is what it is, a low budget science fiction B movie that is trying to draw in mixed martial arts and UFC fans by starring one of its most well known names of recent years. It’s hard to recommend when there are superior movies out there, that deal with these topics specifically Universal Soldier, but if you’ve already seen that and are a fan of the UFC then you might get a kick out of Cyborg Soldier.