Cop Out and Happy Tears – Posted


This week in Posted our round up of the coolest and newest movie posters we have to very different poster styles for you to take a look at.

First up is Cop Out a buddy action movie starring John Mclane, oops i mean Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two veteran cops on the lookout to find a stolen vintage baseball card. Directed by Kevin Smith this looks like a buddy movie in the traditional sense but don’t necessarily expect the usual Smith humour, as the writers are Mark Cullen and Rob Cullen with Smith only on board for the directorial duties. The poster itself is exactly whats needed the look on the faces tells you this is most definitely a comedy if you hadn’t already guessed from the title, either way the poster does it’s job.

Our other poster featured today is for Happy Tears which stars Demi Moore, Parker Posey, Rip Torn and Ellen Barkin and follows the story of two sisters who return home to look after their aging father in the house they grew up in. The poster for Happy Tears looks amazing, but thats because im a big fan of Litchenstein artwork and interesting enough this movie is directed by Mitchell Litchenstein who is the son of Roy Litchenstein which makes perfect sense to use the artwork in the poster.