Cloverfield – J J Abrams new movie is due out soon


Cloverfield is a JJ Abrams produced movie, due out in early 2008 all around the world. Not much is confirmed about the movie yet, with the exception of some viral internet marketing and a trailer that hints at the atmosphere of the movie without giving anything away and the plotline or the cause for the ensuing chaos.

Cloverfield’s basic story follows some young New Yorkers who are throwing a going away party for one of their friends. That night though something mysterious and giant in size descends on the city causing damage and chaos. We get to follow the story partly though the eyes of these guys as they track what’s happening on their video cameras.

With a low budget of around 30 million and a unknown cast, the movie should still do pretty well at the box office and I expect will make a nice profit just because it’s a JJ Abrams project and there are lots of Lost and Alias fans out there who will be looking forward to this. Cloverfield looks as though it could be a good movie sometimes the one’s you don’t know much about are the most fun to watch.

Cloverfield home page with trailers