Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 20

pixelate_blue_1_thumbnail.gif Pixelated returns to your web browser after a short hiatus and we have a more modern movie poster for you today. The aim of the game is to work out which movie poster this is, after we pass it through our special Pixelated filter that makes your job much harder. The clue this week we have already mentioned this is a recent movie and was pretty well received.
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Inception and Kick Ass – Posted

inception_posted_1_thumb.jpg Posted our movie poster preview feature is back with two up and coming movies to keep on your radar. This week we have a superhero movie that goes against everything in the rule book and a thriller that looks like it could be something really special
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Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 18

pixelate_red_1_thumbnail.gif A new Pixelated game is here, with a classic movie poster for you to try and recognize after we pass it through our very special Movies Illustrated Pixelated filter. This week we have an old horror classic and i'm going to give you some clues because this week i think it's quite difficult. The first clue was of course that this is a horror movie and it was directed by the same directed from another classic Animal House, ok no more clues!
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Daybreakers – Posted

daybreakers_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg This week in Posted our round up of the latest movie posters, we're going against our normal format of choosing two opposing movies and just focusing on the one movie, and this week that movie is Daybreakers
Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 17

pixelate_blue_1_thumbnail.gif Pixelated has returned with another jumbled up movie poster for you to try and guess using nothing but your vast amounts of movie poster knowledge. This week we're not making it too easy, and we're not making it to hard. The first clue for this week is this movie is part of a trilogy and is the first part of the franchise. And was possibly the biggest movie series the lead actor was involved in. So just keep on reading to see the Pixelated movie poster and see if you can guess it!
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Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 16

pixelate_mix_1_thumbnail.gif Pixelated is back again, with more movie poster quiz related fun for you to pit your film knowledge against! This week we have a bit of a test for you, and while this movie is a classic it's not a modern movie, so a little clue for you this week is dont think to modern, and of course this movie is probably going to be a little bit easier for our older readers! The second clue is that this movie is from a classic director that unfortunately now isn't with us.
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The Wolfman – Posted

the_wolfman_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg Posted is back, our regular look at the latest and greatest movie posters has returned. This week we're focusing on just the one film and that film is The Wolfman
Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 15

pixelate_red_1_thumbnail.gif Our unique movie poster quiz game, Pixelated is back again with another famous movie poster, where you have to try and guess exactly what the poster is. If you haven't played before the game is simple we take a well known movie poster from the past or present and we scramble it up so its hard to tell what movie is it! Then you simply have to guess which movie its from!
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The Fourth Kind and Zombieland – Posted

the_fourth_kind_2_thumbnail.jpg This week in Posted, our round up of the latest and greatest movie posters, we have two polar opposites once again. First we have a science fiction thriller featuring a close encounter and a zombie movie that has big personality
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Pixelated – Movie Quiz Game – 14

pixelate_blue_1_thumbnail.gif The aim of the game is pretty simple we show you a movie poster and you have to guess which movie the poster is from. The hard part is that the poster has been pixelated and this makes it much trickier to identify. This week we have a massive movie poster for you to guess, the first clue it was the start of a big franchise.
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