Capitalism – A Love Story and The Descent 2 – Posted


Posted is back again, bringing you two new posters from very different movie genres, first up is a new documentary from Michael Moore who should now be considered a master in this genre, and then we switch gears and take a look at the poster from the upcoming sequel to the Descent.

Capitalism – A Love Story is the latest documentary from renowned Micheal Moore, this time hes getting his teeth into the collapse of the economy from 2007 to 2009 and how it has affected us and what the recovery process is. Capitalism also looks into various work areas and touches on some religious overtones about the current attitudes of humans towards money. The posters themselves for Capitalism are styling and well crafted with design elements and style that always appeal to me and don’t that that photoshopped look that commercial big budget movies are required to do to capture their target audiences.

The Descent 2 is a movie we have covered a bit here at Movies Illustrated, I’m going to watch this movie, but I’m not really that excited about it. The original was great but will the sequel be able to get over the fact it doesn’t have the shock value of the first movie? The poster itself for the Descent 2 is very similar to the original poster and i guess that’s a good idea from a marketing point of view no reason to stray from the success the original gathered.