Blood: The Last Vampire – Anime to live action movie adaptation


Blood: The Last Vampire is a 2000 Japanese anime featuring a presumed 400 year old female human/vampire hybrid known as a halfling.  Her name is Saya and her intention is to rid the world of vampires using her katana and martial arts to end their lives.  Blood: The Last Vampire proved very popular when released and its spawned a whole range of manga book/comics and also video games spin offs.  Another interesting point for a Japanese anime is that it was released with western voice acting and Japanese subtitles helping its appeal in Europe and America.

Well now like many anime’s it’s getting the live action treatment and is all set to be released on the big screen, and it’s actually looking pretty solid.  The production is being handled by Bill Kong who worked on Hero and Crouching Tiger so one thing is for sure you can be confident even before watching the trailer that this movie is going to look great.  But you should definately check out the trailer if this sounds like your thing as it slap bang full of style and flair.

Blood: The Last Vampire is due to be released at the end of May in Japan and hopefully June in parts of Europe with a stateside release to follow.   You can take a look at the very stylish trailer at the Pathe website who are distributing the live action version.