Best Worst Movie – Movie Trailer and News


If you haven’t heard of the movie Troll 2 then after watching the documentary, Best Worst Movie then you will have.  The film is directed by the child star of the movie Troll 2, Micheal Stephenson and covers the cult status that Troll 2 has earned as one of the best, worst movies ever.

Personally i haven’t seen Troll 2 and now I’m feeling rather left out, before i watch it though I’m definitely going to watch this documentary as it may help me through the movie.  Best Worst Movie has already screen as many film festivals and even watched away with the Audience Choice for the Best Documentary at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival at the end of last year.

The movie that is the focus, Troll 2 isn’t even that old, being released in 1990 and with a story that focuses on Goblins(rather than trolls…) that turn humans in living vegetables in order to eat them you know it has to be bad.

You can take a look at the trailer for Best Worst Movie and the origonal Troll 2 movie trailer below.