Baywatch moving from small screen to big screen – Baywatch Movie News


Baywatch is back, but not quite as you expect.  There’s surely going to be a beach, a bay, some watching, and probably some red swimsuits.  But with the new version they are going away from the awesome serious acting of the series and instead making the new big screen version of Baywatch a comedy!

From the original story posted here at the Daily Mail, it talks about how Jeremy Garelick, the scriptwriter for the new Baywatch Movie, hasn’t actually seen any of the original TV show, but apparently plans on making the movie structured similar to Police Academy, where trainee lifesavers um do stuff until they become um full time lifesavers.  It all sounds pretty funny to me and is sure to be a big hit just because of the fact it was such a famous show.

So if you can see any of the original cast come back to the new Baywatch remake, who would you choose?  Personally I think bringing back some of the old cast in a more mature instructor role would be the best bet and maybe bring back some of the old show nostalgia.