Batman Trailer – more of The Dark Knight


It took a long time coming but there is finally a proper trailer for The Dark Knight along with a couple of new posters for Batman’s new movie.

Empire posted a link to the new trailers in a variety of qualities along with the new poster promotion material, I said when I saw the last poster that i hoped they would make some better ones and they definitely have. The trailer is decent and features a lot of footage featured around the joker, who looks to ready to hold a big portion of the film together. The Joker looks dishevelled and lost in the trailer with his make-up being an extension of his face scars, Heath Ledger while initially dismissed as a piece of bad casting on this movie now seems to be hitting a stride with all the comments doing the rounds about the new trailer. We also get to see a small glimpse of Maggie Glyenhall as Rachel Dawes and of course Michael Caine back as Alfred, Batman’s butler.

Take a look at the trailer page here.