Avatar Teaser Trailer – Worth the Wait?


James Cameron’s much hyped Avatar is due to show its teaser trailer on the 20th of August on the Apple movie trailer page and it’s been a long wait for us sci fi fans.  We’ve done a few stories on Avatar so far and the buzz and speculation on this movie is reaching fever pitch, with everyone that has so far seen footage of Avatar saying it is revolutionary and mind blowing.

Well Movieweb has a nice story on the upcoming trailer here and you can also check out the Apple movie trailer homepage here, where you can see the Avatar countdown clock is in full force.  It’s interesting to note that the official Avatar page here actually states the 21st as Avatar day which is slightly confusing you can visit the Avatar homepage here.

So will Avatar be the 3d revolutionary film that everyone is so excited about, what do you guys think?  One thing is for sure that after the trailer we can surely expect more buzz about this movie.