Avatar Sequels Very Likely


With Avatar already getting rave reviews all round, across the board, James Cameron has already confirmed that if Avatar does the business at the box office, which i’m sure it will especially in the quiet Christmas period they have released it in, then a sequel and possibly trilogy is definitely on the cards.

Cameron made some really valid points stating that with the major costs in the technology already invested in the first movie as long as it meets the mark in term of earnings then the next sequels should be a lot easier to turn out of the studio. While Fox hasn’t confirmed or denied the sequels, Dark Horizons actually have a story here, where James Cameron says that the story lines are already done for the second and third movie which adds a bit of safety that we know that if the sequels do happen they wont be scraping the barrel similar to what happened with the Matrix. More news on potential Avatar sequels as we get it.