Avatar and A Perfect Getaway – Posted


This week in Posted we have more movie poster goodness for all you um crazy movie poster fanatics.  The first movie poster this week is from one of the most anticipated movies in recent years with James Cameron back in the directors seat.  The other movie is a trip to hell in paradise with a tropical thriller from writer and director David Twohy.

First up this week getting the Posted treatment is James Cameron’s much hyped Avatar.  This first poster from his upcoming science fiction movie doesn’t really tell us much, but we’re used to that by now.  As you can see from the poster it’s a head, more precisely an alien head and its blue.  Being serious though now, this is pretty cool poster which gives you no real choice but to stare into the eyes of this character, and while it answers no questions it certainly makes you wonder if they are the good guy or the bad guy.

Next up this week is the latest movie from David Twohy who among writing on lots of well known movies, also directs and on A Perfect Getaway he’s doing both.  A Perfect Getaway just opened in the States and is due out in the UK next week, and from the trailers it looks pretty good. Twohy is great at building a cast of characters and this sounds like the perfect setup to flaunt those skills.

A Perfect Getaway has a fairly typical Hollywood poster but it’s layered with some great texture and the fragmented layout probably mimics the interaction of the story well, did you manage to spot the blood splatters in the bottom left hand side of the Poster?