Avatar 10 Minute Behind the Scenes Featurette


Fox has released a interesting ten minute behind the scenes featurette on the upcoming Avatar, James Cameron’s fantasy science fiction story. If you haven’t heard of Avatar yet the story is set on a planet called Pandora, where a small settlement of humans are living among the natural inhabitants the Na’vi. the humans are part of a corporation’s armed forces and are mining minerals from the planet but need to get the endorsement of the inhabitants who live on top of the biggest stream of the mineral they are after. In order to infiltrate the Na’vi a soldier Jake Sully, who is paralyzed from the waist down has his DNA combined with a genetically created body of the Na’vi, hence the movies title Avatar.

Avatar has some great visual and the featurette really gives you some insight in the technology they used to create the CGI scenes and the facial expression they have achieved look pretty amazing. The facial motion capture here seems to be the biggest improvement over other cgi movies, although at one point James Cameron says that he wanted to achieve photo realistic CGI, although i don’t think that has been achieved here, partly due to design of the planets inhabitants and their over exaggerated facial features and colour choices, but it definitely looks to be a big step above what we are used to seeing.

You can watch the full Avatar featurette below.