Asteroids Gets The Videogame To Movie Treatment


Asteroids is the latest movie adaptation to be getting the go ahead from the videogame world.  The Atari classic was damn addictive at the time, and still has gameplay that stands up to the test of time today, you have to cut it some slack as it was made in 1979 and at the time it was pretty revolutionary.  Asteroids had fancy vector graphics, and some suitably kick ass bleeps and blips, ok I made that last bit up, I actually can’t remember what the sound effects were like!  I should probably go check out the original later, to refresh my memory, but before I do that I should probably finish this article.

I read the story first over at Rotten Tomatoes here, and I was pretty shocked, it’s not that we are short of video games that actually have stories these days.  Back in 1979 you were lucky if video games had 4 colour graphics, so asking for a story back then was probably a bit to much.  But just the idea of basing a movie on Asteroids which has no story at all, is blatantly just a license to create a movie that will have some name recognition attached to it.

With that in mind let’s not write off Asteroids before its even launched, because if they take a leaf out of Doom’s book and actually pay a little homage to the game, of course I’m talking about the FPS scene at the end of Doom, where the movie mimics the game in a way that just sweetens the whole thing up for the fans.  So for Asteroids were going to need that top down scene, do we want it as an opener or a later addition?