Anna Faris set to star in Private Benjamin Remake


One of my favourite comedy actresses is the lovely Anna Faris who is all set to star in the Private Benjamin remake of the 1980’s original Goldie Hawn movie.  Faris could no doubt do this movie in her sleep, and even in pretty bad movies, Anna can make you keep watching, she stole all her scenes in Just Friends and made the House Bunny and Scary Movie 4 more fun than they should have been.

The Private Benjamin remake is currently being developed by New Line Cinema, who Rotten Tomatoes talk about more here.  Fish out of water stories always have opportunities for laughs, but obviously the story and plot of the origional movie is going to need some tweaking to make it work for current times.

For you Anna Faris fans, you can look forward to two movies this year or early next year, with Faris starring in Young Americans a retro comedy by the same writers from That 70’s show and Faris is also going to be starring in the live action/CGI film version of Yogi Bear which im not all that excited about but if you are then it should be out in December this year.