Air Guitar Nation – Rewind


Air Guitaring is something you might do from time to time, but probably wouldn’t admit, well the stars of Air Guitar Nation are not all that worried. Air Guitar Nation is a documentary following the newly created USA Air Guitar Championships, created so that America would have some representatives on the world air guitar stage. The story initially focuses on two stars of the emerging USA scene, David ‘C-Diddy’ Jung and Dan ‘Bjorn Turoque’ Crane. Both of these guys rise to the top of the early championships and in particular Jung with his robe, Hello Kitty breastplate and talented air guitar style stands out.

The documentary was shot in 2003 and then later made into a complete film back in 2006 when it was released. While many people will view air guitaring as completey insane and maybe rather strange, this movie may help shake your view as we follow the contestants on what seems to be a life changing journey for all those involved.

The main star is tracked through various stages of the competition from the opening rounds in the states where C-Diddy and Bjorn Toroque first met. To the final world championships in Oulu Finland, considered the spiritual home to the Championships. There are representatives from all around the world, the best in their respective countries and they all seem to be having a lot of fun in Finland.

Its quite hard to write about Air Guitar Nation because its one of those documentary’s that your probably only going to watch if you think its quite a cool quirky thing anyway, but that would in my opinion be the wrong decision. Air Guitar Nation is well directed by Alexandra Lipsitz, genuinely funny, entertaining and has a selection of chracters who really do want the title. Along the way you meet spiritual characters, enter into world politics, and by the end of you movie you will be glad you stuck along for the ride and more than likely have a large smile struck across your face.