A Girl Cut in Two, Ping Pong Playa and The Transporter 3 – Posted


This week we once again have a varied selection of posters for you to cast your eyes over, from French drama with intrigue inspiring titles to the ultimate pretender to the ping pong throne and finishing up with more stylish action with the man with the rules.

First up is a movie I know a little about, A Girl Cut in Two a French drama directed by Claude Chabrol and starring Ludivine Sagnier and Francois Berleand who is also in our third movie of today’s posted The Transporter 3. A Girl Cut focuses on Ludivine Sagnier who is a weather reporter whose life is in somewhat of turmoil due to her indecision to decide between two men, with mixed reviews this one looks as though it’s going to go either way depending on the viewer. Regardless the poster is stylish and attention seeking with a monochrome colour scheme that pops, shouts and grabs your eyeballs in a pincer move.

Next up is another little talked about movie, but perhaps one that deserves to be talked about. From what I’ve read so far Ping Pong Playa directed by Jessica Yu is a classy little comedy movie following the adventures of C-Dub played by Jimmy Tsai, a son whose parents are ping pong crazy he however is not. When his mother is hurt in a car accident he ends up taking over her ping pong class and eventually growing to love the sport in his attempts to support his family. The poster is somewhat lacking but lets not judge a book by its cover in this circumstance.

I like seeing continuity and the new poster for the Transporter 3 is definitely in the tradition of the previous two movies, once again starring Jason Statham as Frank Martin the man with the definitive transportation rules. Take a look at what I presume is a watch on his wrist, I really want one of those watches, however I expect they will be rather costly, better get saving up then.

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