30 Days of Night, My Blueberry Nights & Rambo – Posted


30 Days of night is now out everywhere, and it reached the no1 position in the States in its first week. The scary survival horror movie with a vampire story that is dark and gritty. I’m always glad to see movies like this get to the top, even though the reviews have been mixed but mostly in favor of it being a decent movie. All throughout the promotion 30 days of night has looked stylish and edgy, not surprising seeing its dark graphic novel roots, and from what ive seen of the film it looks great also with an interesting take on the vampire appearance.

My Blueberry nights is a love story that follows a woman’s travels played by Norah Jones as she takes a road trip across America in search of her elusive match. The Movie was the opener at Cannes this year and features a string of well known actors like Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz backing up first time actor Norah Jones as she swaps music studios for movie sets. The poster looks great and catches the eye with the moment and bright colours.

Rambo is the fourth movie in the Rambo franchise and there is a long gap between the last one and this. The poster reminds me of the artwork for the updated Metal gear solid series which isnt a bad thing. Stallone is back in one of his well known roles, this movie was originally planned to be made before Rocky Balboa but in the end Rocky was done first. Well Rambo is due out very early next year do you think it will be as successful as Rocky was?

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