3 Vampire movies with bite – 3 Things


Vampire movies are a strange genre, hard to get right, they often fall into the action and or special effects genre, which are often lacking in deep character development. Well in recent years we’ve seen a solid influx of vampire movies to choose from, so let’s get down to picking 3 Vampire movies with sharp fangs and real bite.

First up is the recent 30 Days of Night, starring Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. Snow is one of my favorite things in movies, and 30 Days of Night doesn’t disappoint on this front, with the setting for the vampires being a remote part of Canada that suffers from total blackness for part of the winter. Total Darkness then, perfect for your hungry vampire to camp out looking for some hapless human victims. 30 Days of Night is one of the better vampire flicks of the last few decades with a real situation feeling attached to it.

Blade 2 was for me the highlight of the series, far superior to the weak Blade Trinity and just beating the origional to the post. Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro was responsible, taking over the reigns and injecting the series with a solid visual style with great use of colour, some very cool special effects and a cast of sub characters that while underdeveloped, where better utilized than in any of the other Blade movies. Comic book vampire fun, with a seriously wicked and evil foe that makes the other vampires looks like fluffy kittens purring for attention.

And finally how can you have a compilation of vampire movies and not include From Dusk Till Dawn. Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez made the coolest vampire movie that catapulted George Clooney into film credibility. With some trademark dialogue from Tarantine mixed with Rodriguez penchant for special effects and gun play. From Dusk till Dawn didn’t even reveal its intentions till late on in the film, just when your getting into it. Forget the straight to DVD sequels, the original is the real deal, with the most bite around.