3 Strange sports comedies – 3 Things


Sports and movies have been around for a while, similar to how genres split and form, there are now various genres of sport films. Today though were going to be concentrating on movies with interesting and or non mainstream movie sports.

First up is Dodgeball, there is only a few ways this sport was going to get into a film and comedy is one of them. With a great cast, including Ben stiller, Vince Vaughan, Christine Taylor, Justin Long and Alan Tudyk, Dodgeball has comedy talent in groves. Cue some underdog themes along with some energetic scenes and really funny costumes and we have our first strange sports winner.

Balls of Fury is about that most grand of sports, ping pong. They call it ping pong we call it table tennis, but ping pong is definitely ranking higher on the comedy scale. With a cast that includes Christopher Walken, Randy Fogler, Maggie Q, and James Hong, Balls of Fury features on the dark underbelly of the ping pong world and while not quite in the same league as Dodgeball, it definitely has its moments and is lifted by some good over the top performances.

Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer is an offbeat and funny movie which just happens to be based around a soccer tournament or football as we call it here. With us following Chow’s usual down and out character we get to watch the most inept team of football players the world has ever seen. Luckily for them and their trainer they do have some skills, all being kung fu warriors who learn to adapt their martial arts skills for use on the football field. Cue some crazy special effects, some great scenes and a whole load of Stephen Chow’s fine mix of comedy and kung fu.