3 Christmas movies – 3 Things


Its that time of year again were you are all busy running about, going crazy shopping and getting all your presents bought and wrapped. You probably also busy getting everything done at work ready for the festive period, with your workmates entering more and more heightened levels of stress and panic as festive mayhem kicks in. Well fear not the kind of mayhem your experiencing is nothing compared to what happens in the movies, no ones Christmas can be as disaster laden, random and downright supernatural as some of the following movies. Yes its that ever so important Christmas movie list, only 3 of course, otherwise it would take all year.

Will Ferral stars as the title character Buddy the Elf with Zoeey Deschanel and James Caan putting in their bit in my favourite Christmas movie of the last 10 years. Ferral is on fine form as the candy munching six foot odd man who thinks he’s an Elf, and we’ve actually already reviewed this one, you can check it out here.

Christmas Vacation
Filled with so so many classic moments, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation released in 1989 has laugh out loud moments in spades. Chevy Chase is on top form here as Clark Griswold with Beverly D’Angelo as his wife Ellen, and Randy Quaid playing his crazy brother Eddie. Hi Jinks ensue from the worlds largest Christmas tree, to the insane house decoration and the hilarious sledging scene, Christmas vacation never really lets up and still have the spirit of Christmas layered all through it.

Back in 1998 Bill Murray starred in this modern day reworking on the Charles Dickens classic, about a miserly, cynical and mean boss who is visited by three apparitions. They attempt to get him to change his ways and his not be so ruthless. While Scrooged is by no means a classic, when bill Murray is even half on form the film is going to be watch able, and there is plenty of Christmas atmosphere and of course the classic Dickens story at its heart.

Merry Christmas to you all!