3 bad movie remakes from the last 10 years – 3 Things


Remaking a movie for a new generation is sometimes a good thing, bringing an old classic back to the big screen for a whole new audience while still capturing some of the original fans too. It’s a double whammy for the movie companies if you think about it, with a little sting in the tale. The sting of course comes from the fact they are taking a risk on ruining a potential franchise for remake later. So let’s help you out and let you know about the remakes to avoid if you haven’t already seen them.

First up in this remakes of disaster we have the remake of Shaft, starring Samuel L Jackson. The thing about the original Shaft was that it was very much of its time, trying to remake it in today’s movie style really doesn’t work, things have changed and they played the tone all wrong. Verdict – stick to the superior original movie, which knows exactly what it is.

Next up in this remake review is Planet of the Apes, remade in 2001 from the 1968 original. Now in 30 years you think they would have learned what makes a good movie, however things went seriously wrong here. Remaking a classic movie like Planet of the apes is a big endeavor and it seems to have got lost in special effects hell. Verdict – stick to the original monkeys, they don’t look as fancy but overall the film is far superior.

Finally we have the sorry travesty that is the Wicker Man remake. quite how you can take a cult classic like the original and turn it into a feeble and almost cringe worthy movie like the 2006 one is beyond me, it has some seriously dodgy overtones and undertones and it’s just hands down on my list of 5 worst movies ever ( ill save the rest for another day ). All I can say is ‘the bees, not the bees!’ Verdict – the original is better, sharper, spookier and far more serious and involving.