28 Weeks Later news

Its seems like ages since the shocker zombie movie 28 Days Later came out. Well it was years ago back in 2002, it had stylish visuals, great trailers and some eye-catching poster and promotional design coupled with direction by Danny Boyle.

Well the sequel is on the way called 28 Weeks Later, alas its not directed by Danny Boyle but instead Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who’s past movies i’m not familiar with yet. The cast includes Harold Perrineau who you may know best from Lost, Rose Byrne and Robert Carlyle.

in 28 weeks later the story is set six months after the rage has wiped out London, British citizens are now allowed back into the country under the supervision of the American military who are planning to start reconstructing the city. However the rage is not truly wiped out .

28 Weeks later was filmed and produced in the United Kingdom Its current release date is the 11th May, distributed by Fox Atomic.